"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."


As part of the Red Rocks Church mission to Make Heaven More Crowded, the Sports Ministry has been given the opportunity to send our second annual missions team back to Liberia, Costa Rica in September/October to serve various communities in the area. After our first trip in September of 2016, we've been able to develop some genuine partnerships with the leaders of Praying Pelican, an organization that sends mission teams down to be the hands and feet of Christ, as well as partnerships with some of the church pastors in the area who are praying for groups like ours to come and serve alongside them in their communities.

This trip will provide an opportunity to lift up the pastors and leaders who are invested in their communities every day while sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways. As we minister down in this beautiful country, this trip will be catered to meet the needs of the local community while utilizing our unique gifts. We will be able to engage in different ministries of our choice, such as youth sport's camps, children's ministries, community clean up efforts, prayer walking, construction of a new feeding center for the kids, and the options are endless! While this trip will be busy with service projects, it also allows for the team to develop lasting relationships with one another and ultimately gain a new perspective for building God's Kingdom. We will have one free day at the end of our trip to go to the beach, zip line, and/or other fun activities of our choice.

Our Fall trip is completely full, however if you are interested in any future trips with us, you must be an active participant in the sports ministry for at least one year, whether playing in leagues or serving in various volunteer capacities. We place a high value on making sure our mission groups understand the overall mission of our ministry and what we ultimately aim to accomplish while we're on a trip. For any further questions regarding future trips, see below or click on the tab in the upper right corner that provides financial information. To speak with someone directly, feel free to e-mail Jennelle at Jennelle@redrockschurch.com.


2016 Mission Team

2016 Mission Team

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Last year, our team was given the opportunities to partake in various activities, including the construction of a foundation for a new kitchen at the church we were partnering with, participating in a Sunday church service, playing sports with the kids, food distribution at a feeding center, and other life altering events. You can view more details about our previous trip by clicking the link below.

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Current Feeding Center in Martina Bustos, Costa Rica.

Current Feeding Center in Martina Bustos, Costa Rica.

#6:02 initiative

What is #6:02?

The 2016 team was able to visit a community in Liberia, Costa Rica, called Martina Bustos, an area of extreme poverty where the children typically get fed only once per day. Despite their difficult circumstances, these kids made such an impact on our lives through their pure joy and love that left us wanting to find a way to give back in other communities around the Liberia area! Thus, we've created the #6:02 initiative, which stands for Galatians 6:2: 

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." 

Our aim is to find new opportunities each mission that we can truly bear one another's burdens, whether that be construction projects, food distribution, playing sports with the kids, or any other possible way to love on these communities and lighten their burdens!

To give to this cause, please e-mail Jennelle@redrockschurch.com